Scent My Wedding

Scent My

by Sassy & Lolla


Sassy & Lolla are established, West Sussex based Chandlers, specialising in beautiful fragrances for your home & now for your wedding.

Whether you are looking for bespoke wedding favours or for your actual wedding day to be scented, we have an incredible range of scents to choose from or we can find a scent just for you.

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Candles &

There are a number of ways to Scent Your Wedding.

For a subtle, atmospheric fragrance that won't interfere with your Wedding Breakfast, the use of hand-poured, scented candles will fill the air with a fragrance which will linger in your memory.

For a more evocative scent, the use of fragrance oils & air diffusers will ensure that your venue is fully perfumed.

You may also wish to consider having your chosen scent exuding whilst you walk down the aisle.

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